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Why an Apple a Day Is Not Enough?

We have all at some point in our lives, heard the saying, “An Apple a day, keeps the doctor away”. But who can really vouch for the veracity of this statement in todays fast paced world. Going to work, spending tiring amounts of time sitting in front of a screen, picking your child from school, going back home and working on the presentation tomorrow, 21st Centuries work culture demands a lot from an individual and that drains people very easily and many a times lead to burnouts. But how can you ensure that you keep up your hustle and at the same time not feel as drained as you do now? Coffee?

Is Coffee An Answer To Healthy Lifestyle?

That’s the answer that most people come up with and pump loads and loads of caffeine into their system, a coffee in the morning to wake you up, a coffee at work when you feel tired, a coffee in the evening, and coffee just because you had a “Starbucks gift card”. The lifestyle that we youths live today can be very harmful in the long run and can cause some serious issues both mental and physical. So, being conscious about your health and well-being is as important as advancing in your career.

So, you might ask, is the solution “an apple a day…”, well not really, if you eat one apple in the whole day and fill yourself up with Burgers, that Chipotle burrito for lunch, and a Dunkin’ Doughnut for dessert, you will see no difference.

So, eating healthy is very important if you aim to lead a fulfilling life. How can you do that? Well, there are fruits and vegetables for that, every time you feel like grabbing that bag of Doritos, why not eat some berries and apples, or make a smoothie, or snack on a salad (with a lot of Ranches!).

Why Eating Doritos Is Easier Than Eating Salad?

Well, everybody knows this right? and obviously thinking and talking about this advice is easy but doing it is hard. But have you ever asked why is it hard? It is hard because grabbing a bag of Doritos that is on the top shelf of your kitchen cabinet is very t getting berries, apples, etc. involves a lot of work. You have to keep a tab on how much of the fruits are left, go get them from a supermarket, cut them up, and then make a smoothie. But, what if we could reduce the burden, what if we could grow our own plants, well that would be nice, just going to your garden and picking whatever you like and then making a smoothie. Easier, right

Again, not really, First, not a lot of people are interested in gardening, Second, it's a lot of hassle, getting seeds, making the soil ready, planting them, watering them. Finally, Some who are interested in gardening, do not have the time to do it, or just do not have enough space in their homes because they live on the 102nd floor, of some high-rise apartments in the Upper East Side. So, what can we do to solve it?

By now we have understood that eating plants and vegetables are good and that it is hard to have a backyard garden or for that matter have a backyard sometimes. So, we at Greenie thought, Why not bring the garden inside? That's where the idea of our smart indoor garden came up. Our product can be placed anywhere in your apartment where there is a power plug. You order it, it gets delivered to your doorsteps, you open it up, assemble it, plug it and that’s it. You are done! You can now have the pleasure of growing stuff and seeing them grow in front of you.

How To Grow Food Without Any Gardening Efforts?

It's like having your own grocery store at home. The effects that this can have on your life is immense, Just binged watched “keeping up with the Kardashians” and went down the internet rabbit hole of what Kim eats and stumbled upon a kale smoothy, why not add that to your list, get the kale seed pod, put it in our smart garden and watch it grow, in a few days you have your own supply of Kale, drink as many smoothies as you can, to feel amazing. It can also help instill a sense of “healthy living” in your kids, having and experiencing a plant grow is an intriguing experience for a child, this could even make them eat those veggies on their plate, just because of the sheer excitement of eating something that they grew. This could change the way health is understood in today's world and influence people to live much healthier lives.

So, do you still think an apple a day can keep the doctors away?

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