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Ways to Include Indoor Plants in Your Home Decor

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

Indoor plants provide a splash of color and help to purify the air in your house. Some of the best indoor plants for home decor are as follows: Fig Tree, Meyer Lemon Tree, and Philodendron with Split-Leaf. Schrader recommends placing them under skylights or close to windows. Hanging plants in an interior can make it stand out and add a new layer to your décor.

Plants are an unavoidable part of everyone's daily lives. Interiors aren't complete without a splash of green. Indoor plants not only provide a splash of color to your décor, but they also help to purify the air in your house. Indoor plants are an excellent choice for modern and contemporary houses.

Aside from their aesthetic value, there are other advantages to including a healthy dose of plants in any space of your home. Plants are more good for persons who are ill than assisting in stress reduction, with benefits ranging from lowering blood pressure to stimulating the mind.

As modern farmhouse style continues to dominate design trends and minimalist interiors reign supreme, there is no easier way to improve the look of your home than with a classic touch of greenery.

Bringing green plants into your home adds a lot of life to it. Decorating your home with plants is an excellent method to make it seem calmer. There are numerous methods to bring life into your home, ranging from air plants to succulents. Here are the top interior decorating ideas for plants that will transform your home into a verdant, regenerated oasis.

Some Of The Best Indoor Plants For Home Decor

1. Fig Tree (Fiddle-Leaf) (Ficus Lyrata)

This shrub has a tall, graceful stem as well as branches with large, leathery leaves. Schrader recommends placing it "under a skylight or close to a window." In other words, it needs as much light as possible. When the upper branches grow above the window frame, Schrader recommends trimming them.

2.Philodendron with Split-Leaf (Monstera Deliciosa)

This plant, which Henri Matisse favored, has a peculiar leaf that appears to have been carefully carved into by a meticulous hand. According to Schrader, you can cut off the top (as long as it has air roots attached) and replant it, which means that if you buy one of these, you might easily have more if you want.

3.Meyer Lemon Tree No. 3 (Citrus X Meyeri)

This tree is named after Meyer lemons, which are thought to be a hybrid of lemons and mandarin oranges with a milder, sweeter flavor than lemons. But these trees don't just produce fruits: "When they blossom, you get this gorgeous scent of citrus blooms," Schrader explains. Meyer lemon trees thrive indoors as long as they receive plenty of sunlight.

4.Amazon Lily, (Eucharis Amazonica)

Another dark green shrub with enormous, white flowers that bloom in the winter and early spring. "It's pleasant to look at even when it's not blooming," Schrader says. It prefers mild light and should be let to dry between waterings.

Tips For Your Indoor Plants

1. Suspend The Plants

Hanging plants in your home is one of the best ideas and trends that everyone prefers. It doesn't require much upkeep. Hanging plants in an interior can make it stand out and add a new layer to your décor. Such an unexpected touch adds a special touch to your area. You can hang them on the balcony or in the living room to bring a natural touch to your home.

2. Displaying Plants In Beautiful Pots

Growing plants in pots is a great way to add extra decor to your home. The most important thing is to have a pot that complements your home's decor. It can even help keep succulents, ferns, and other plants alive and healthy for a longer period. You can choose gorgeous pots, make your own pots, or customize pots by painting them. Pots of various colors and forms might also look amazing. Using a variety of pots may make any plant area more visually appealing. So, experiment with different pots and place them in the same spot to brighten any environment.

3. Decorating Tight Spots

Do you have any empty spaces that can't be filled with anything? So simply cover up the entire area with green plants that are aesthetically pleasing. You may fill it with giant potted plants, long draped plants, and little pots on the floor to create a magnificent plant refuge. It will assist to give the room a finished look without taking up too much space.

4. Revamping The Dining Room

Greenery can transform an ordinary kitchen into something extraordinary. You might try growing herbs and succulents in small gardens. Cooking with fresh ingredients from your small vertical garden is, of course, the best way to improve your mood and make you feel good. Hanging fresh herbs in your kitchen not only beautifies the environment but also provides a new zing to your cuisine. Utilize small planters in windows or on shelves to allow you to use them not only for cooking but also as wall art.

5. Enhance The Appearance Of Your Home Entrances

The entrance should always be welcoming and comfortable. Plants on the entry will give color and texture to the room, making your entrance the focal point of all attention. So simply putting indoor plants all over your house's entrance helps your area appear more colorful. It not only adds life to your room but the flower blossoms and planters also make it appear attractive to guests.

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