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How To Grow a Garden: Quick Tips And Benefits

The entire world has been suffering from a global pandemic. In times such as these, where we are locked up in our respective houses without many choices or options, we have to try to keep our sanity and not lose our minds.

With not many options left, we have to limit ourselves to staying at our homes doing indoor activities. When it comes to activity that keeps us engaged and involved, what activity is better than making your very own rooftop garden?

This would be a great opportunity to curate your home garden on the rooftop of your house or the balcony.

As much as it sounds exciting, maintaining a garden could wear a person out because of the care and attention that is demanded by the plants daily.

Despite being at our dwellings we all have responsibilities and work to do. Being at home in our comfort space doesn't mean that we get to shirk our responsibilities and duties.

Most of us are super busy with other work-related stuff that we do not even have time for ourselves anymore. How ironic is the fact that earlier, being at home was considered to be relaxing but in the recent past couple of years it has burdened us with more work than we can handle?

With so much to do on the list, most of us would not consider curating a garden. But what if I told you that making your own dream garden would not be a hassle anymore.

You won't be required to water your greens daily anymore. Merely ensure that a few things are done in the right manner. Wouldn't it be amazing? Well, that's not infeasible anymore, that's totally possible. With an evolutionary and innovative way that we offer to you which is the easiest way to grow a garden. The real question is why should one create a rooftop garden? Following are the reasons why one should.


Impact on productivity

Having an indoor garden may help you in boosting your productivity by sharpening and increasing your attention span. According to psychologists, green is the most soothing shade which has a huge impact on our moods. By creating a delightful place and space you may concentrate better to yield effective and efficient results.

Therapeutic and stress reduction

Working in an environment with plants surrounding you may be therapeutic and may reduce your stress level. According to the American Horticulture Therapy Association, it could be a great help to people suffering from dementia as it enhances memory and cognitive abilities. People suffering from depression and anxiety could also benefit from this soothing practice.

Fresh Air

Apart from it being aesthetic, they also improve the air quality of the surrounding. Those tiny herbs and vegetables could be visually appealing to look at, and the idea of having a clean environment to sit at and work which provides fresh air itself is so refreshing.

Economic benefits

Prices of the vegetables sold in the markets may vary due to the high inflation rate. By growing an indoor garden you get to save a lot not only on the prices of the vegetables but also on the shipping charges. It is a lot cheaper and cost-efficient.


Organic veggies and herbs

Vegetables are grown without spraying pesticides and insecticides which are organic taste better than any other vegetable. Pick your favorite herbs to incorporate into your recipe. All you need to do is outstretch your arms and pluck those leaves. It's that convenient.

Here are a few things to keep in mind while creating your hydroponic garden. By following these 10 simple steps given below you will be able to create your garden easily.

There is a wide variety to choose from when it comes to plants. You can grow your greens according to what appeals to your senses, ranging from visual and olfactory to gustatory sense.

  1. Sow the seeds of the vegetable, fruit, or herb that you choose to grow.

  2. The next step is to decide the hydroponic system depending upon your budget and space.

  3. Select the light source because hydroponics will grow only in the presence of light. Setting up an LED would be the best way.

  4. Pick the right growing medium which will keep the pH level stable.

  5. To measure the pH level and adjust your nutrient solution you will require a pH meter.

  6. You may also purchase nutrients and supplements for hydroponics.

  7. Pour water into your system and ensure that it doesn't leak.

  8. Once that is done, add your nutrients and wait for a while before testing the pH level.

  9. After you are certain that everything is in place add the plant.

  10. Finally set the light timer and leave the plant to grow.

That's how you can find your escape from the reality of the world into your secret garden that magically heals your worries and troubles by creating your home as a happy and soothing place without much effort or trouble.

Having a garden sounds magical to you, yet you do not have enough time or knowledge to maintain it? We can provide you with a zero effort Organic Smart Garden that can be tailor made according to your specific needs. Just Get Greenie or text our customer service for the custom requirements. Plant Happiness with us!


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