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Cabbage vs Lettuce

Talking about meals and salads without cabbage and lettuce? Why not? Because they are the same? Individuals accept that lettuce and cabbage are the same. Both are green and have been to a great extent exiled by American relatives. Regardless of the numerous reasons we want to believe that they are the same, let’s check on some points which prove us wrong. This is your opinion about cabbage contrasted with lettuce before making a beeline for your next exit.

Nutrition Facts

  • They are unique in medical services.

  • Cabbage has two distinct calories from lettuce. In the 100-gram test, cabbage had 25 calories and lettuce had just 14 calories.

  • Cabbage furthermore has twice as much fiber as the dietary material, which makes it an ideal spot to serve blended vegetables.

  • Something nutritious and shockingly strange between these two food sources: Cabbage contains about 60% of the typical substance of Vitamin C, and lettuce contains 4% of the ordinary substances of Vitamin C.

  • Cabbage moreover contains Vitamin B6, which lettuce doesn't.

  • As far as supplements and protein are concerned, cabbage is more focused than lettuce, since lettuce doesn't contain numerous other substances.

  • Cabbage and lettuce are green verdant vegetables with numerous layers of leaves. Furthermore, cabbage is warmer and contains less water than lettuce.

  • This division figures out what vegetables are utilized for. Cabbage is consistently prepared or handled or utilized in coleslaw. Lettuce is known to be crunchy, which is the reason it is utilized in serving blended vegetables or burgers.


  • Cabbage has a short stem and head that frames a sort of bulb.

  • Besides being viewed as green, there are assortments of red and purple cabbage.

  • The external leaves can be eaten reliably, while the internal ones are delicate.

  • Lettuce likewise has a short stem, yet the leaves are collapsed, making the lettuce resemble a solitary long stem.

  • Lettuce contains more chlorophyll, which makes it greener than cabbage.

  • Another piece of lettuce plant likewise starts to sprout, known as impact.


  • Cabbage can be loaded up with an assortment of soil conditions, however, it ought not to be filled in soils with a pH of more than 6.5.

  • The bases of the cabbage plant will in a general dry well, so the plant should be kept damp while it is developing. Cabbage also ought to be filled in a cool spot.

  • Lettuce, as well, may enhance with sandy soils with a pH of a specific territory near 6 and 7. Lettuce might prefer some space in the shade.

  • Lettuce ought to likewise be kept standard since its leaves will start to recoil on the off chance that they are not watered.

  • They are loaded with various shapes and capacities, various preferences, out of the blue orchestrated, and can be of various tones.



  • Lettuce and cabbage contain exceptionally low-calorie food sources, wealthy in dietary fiber.

  • Cabbage has more calories than lettuce. It additionally has double the measure of dietary fiber.

  • Expanded vegetable utilization forestalls long haul weight and gives clear dietary direction in forestalling tainting, which is a significant danger factor for type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular infection, sickness, and numerous other clinical issues

  • Cabbage and lettuce have been the birthplace of low-carb eats less since the late eighteenth century and have not lost their significance in these food sources since

  • Red cabbage is gathered in impeding pancreatic impetuses, consequently lessening the expansion in fat and sugar in the stomach territory.

Cabbage has somewhat more calories and is higher in carbs and dietary fiber. Lettuce, then again, is more extravagant in protein and fats. Lettuce likewise wins in the nutrient and mineral classifications, containing more nutrient A, nutrient E, nutrient K, nutrients B1, B2, B3, additionally iron, potassium, copper, and phosphorus. Anyway, cabbage is a lot more extravagant in nutrient C, additionally containing bigger measures of nutrient B5, nutrient B6, folate, and calcium. Cabbage is lower in sodium.

Both cabbage and lettuce are brimming with fiber, nutrients, minerals and are generally speaking incredibly for wellbeing. The last decision relies upon individual inclination.

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