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Organic Smart Garden

How to set up Greenie?

Just follow the brochure provided with the setup to bring your Greenie to life.

If you somehow lost it, here are the steps:

  1. Place the roof inside the roof holder and plug in the wire

  2. Pour the water into the water tank

  3. Open the cups with soil and put them into the setup, insert the seed capsule and place the round grow lid on the cups

  4. Connect your Greenie to our app to set up the preferred timer (if you don't do this step, the Greenie will automatically switch off at 11 pm and switch on at 7 am)

  5. Forget about that for a month (remember one tiny little thing, you gotta take the round grow lid off when the baby plants are around 1.5cm long) and enjoy your greens

What is the best place to put it in the house?

Every place is the best place to keep Greenie, just make sure you don't place it on the windowsill, where there is a lot of sunlight during the daytime. Greenie already has the light, so too much light (Greenie light + sunlight) will damage the plants.

What you need to keep in mind is that Greenie is a living thing, so it is comfortable wherever you are comfortable. If you are hot in summers, Greenie is hot too. If you are cold in winters, Greenie is cold too. Just place it in the room, where you spend most of your time, so Greenie will bring you happiness and you bring the right temperature to Greenie.

How much electricity does it consume?

2 months of having Greenie contributes to half an hour of air conditioning. So, it doesn't consume too much electricity, don't you think so?

What is Greenie made of?

Greenie body is made of pine wood, the water tank is made of acryl, cups are made of food grade plastic, and plants are made of water, carbon-containing organics, and non-carbon-containing inorganic substances such as potassium and nitrogen.

Is it unbreakable?

Is your wooden bed unbreakable? Hard question, right? If treated well, Greenie will definitely be your friend for quite a while, yet if you keep throwing and dropping it, it won't live for super long.

What if, my lights are not working?

First, please, check the electricity and whether everything is connected properly.

Secondly, if the lights still don't work then, we will replace them free of charge for 1.5 years following your purchase.

How to add water?

When you can't see the water on the water meter anymore, add the water.

Just lift one of the cups and pour the water into the hole. Greenie doesn't require a lot of watering, around once a month would be fine, so you won't have to do this procedure very often.

How to clean my Greenie set-up?

The water tank is detachable, so whenever you have eaten all your plants or just removed them and kept them somewhere, you can take the tank out of the setup and wash it together with your dishes.

For the wooden part, just use whenever wet cloth you would use for dusting other things in the house.

How is Greenie different from other home gardens?

Firstly and most importantly Greenie is absolutely organic! We used a variety of rocks and other natural ingredients to make up the soil, so you would enjoy your greens which are rich in taste and healthy in composition. None of the other smart gardens are organic, all of them use chemical solutions to grow greens. Would you actually wanna eat chemicals? Not really, right?

Moreover, we made Greenie more affordable than other setups. Nobody wants to spend a fortune on growing greens, right? We are actually the cheapest Smart Garden (that actually grows anything) you can find on Indian market (don't look at those 1-3k ones, the plants will die within a month and you will regret buying them).

We also considered that most of your furniture and home decor is made of wood, so we decided to match your interior and make it out of wood (everybody likes matching, right). We use pine wood for our Greenies, because it interacts with water rather well and it doesn't go bad that easily.


What are the dimensions and weight of Greenie?

It's 32cm x 18cm x 36cm, so not too big not too small. It fits perfectly on a table.

The weight without plants and water is around 3kg, so you can easily move it around your house, when you decide that you wanna make one or another room prettier.


What can I grow in my Organic Smart Garden?

Anything. Seriously, anything. However, some veggies aren't recommended. For example, cherry tomatoes will take around 5-6 months to grow the actual tomatoes and there are going to be very few tomatoes. So, do you wanna spend 5-6 months for let's say 50 tiny tomatoes? Not really, right.

What shall I do to take care of my plants?

Nothing! Just enjoy watching them grow ;D

Yet, make sure the timer is set from the Greenie app and you pour the water in once every month (when it goes under the water meter).

Are these organic and healthy?​​

The Greenie plants are super organic and super healthy. They get the right amount of light and organic nutrients that even makes them taste better than supermarket greens.

Greenie soil contains lots of organic elements such as different rocks and grasses. This makes it magical and makes anything that grows in it really healthy.

Most farmers use chemicals to grow greens (they grow a little faster, that's true), then you consume all these chemicals and if you eat a lot of chemicals, your health will be undermined. That's also your mummy's logic too, right?

Do vegetables taste different when we grow them in Greenie?

They do! We have conducted an experiment of having 4 same plants growing different way: 1. Greenie soil in Greenie setup. 2. Greenie soil in DIY pods on the windowsill. 3. Packaged soil from Amazon in Greenie setup. 4. Packaged soil from Amazon in DIY pods on the windowsill.

What we can tell: the plants grew the fastest in Greenie soil in Greenie setup, then the second fastest growth was in packaged soil in Greenie setup. Then, came the other two.

What was the most surprising thing though is that Greenie pod plants had a richer taste when planted in Greenie setup. The taste was rather rich in packaged soil in Greenie setup as well, yet it wasn't as nice as the Greenie soil. The windowsill plants grew quite well as well, yet they didn't have as rich taste as the ones grown in Greenie.

We have analysed the findings and came to the conclusion that light actually matters a lot. For Greenie, we designed the light spectrum that really helps plants grow rich in taste. It includes a special set ratio of blue and red lights that help plants get all the special light they need.

Why the seeds haven't germinated?

Seeds are nature, nature isn't predictable, so sometimes they might have a life of their own and decide not to germinate.

Just text us on the website or send an email with the pictures attached to and we will send you the new set of seeds and pods.

How long does plant take to grow?

Generally, it depends on the plant, yet you can start harvesting lettuce or basil in around 3-4 weeks. To get to the full grown plant, you will have to wait a little longer.

How tall will my plants grow?

Depends on the plant. Generally, there are 2 varieties of plants: tall and bushy.

The bushy ones are lettuce and pak choy, the tall ones are basil and mint.

The bushy ones won't grow too tall, they will mainly grow sideways, so they can still reach 20cm in height at their best.

The tall plants can grow up to 50cm, but they won't grow too much sideways.

Greenie height is adjustable, so don't worry, your green babies will always have enough light, even when they grow tall.

Can I grow different plants at a time? Like basil and mint.

Yeah, you can grow anything at the same time.

It's actually recommended to grow a couple of tall plants together with a couple of bushy ones. If you only bushy plants at once, they will start fighting for space and light, so they won't grow too well.

Growing only tall ones, like basil and mint, is also fine, because they will have enough space for themselves. It's best to plant them at the same time though, so then they will get equal light at all times.

Are there any precautions to take when cutting the plants?

If you wanna continue growing the plant, don't prune/cut more than 1/3 of the plant at once.

If you wanna just eat up the whole plant, you can cut its stem and then throw the pod away and place a new one instead, so your new plants will continue growing, while you harvest the rest.

Otherwise there are no precautions. Just cut, eat and enjoy your most delicious and fresh greens.

My plants became sick, what shall I do?

If your plants become sick around 5-6 months, that means that the nutrients have run out, you gotta eat them and plant new plants in the new pods.

If your plants become sick before that, please send us an email at and we will investigate.

If you have some insects, sprinkle the neem powder on the soil and they will most likely go. If they aren't gone, please contact us, we will send the neem oil that will cure everything very fast. Neem is best organic pesticides, so don't worry about eating them after it, it won't make your body sick.

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