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A story of freshness

Meet Team Greenie


At Get Greenie,  we believe in making people happy by providing them with a zero effort way to grow leafy greens at home.


We have designed an Organic Smart Garden for home use, so professionals residing in metropolitan areas would be able plant anything.

How it all started

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The idea for Get Greenie came from Polina, an engaged working woman in Delhi, India. Polina was concerned that her food was not safe. The vegetables she purchased were chemically infused, had pests, and didn't taste rich. These vegetables often rotted because she didn't have time to cook them every day. 
That's when she decided to grow her own veggies but  she didn't have any gardening knowledge nor did she have the time. So all her plants died.  
Polina needed an effective way that didn't require any maintenance, produced organic vegetables, and put a pause on food wastage. 
Yes! This efficient way was Greenie. A smart garden that grows 100% organic vegetables and flowers that would never go bad.

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